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“Open Flame is the Name of Our Game”

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A Legacy of Family

Donna Brodus' BBQ passion stems from a legacy of family tradition, secret, special recipes and witnessing incredible success growing up at Brodus Barb-B-Que at the very same location her restaurant now occupies.

Original restaurant owners, Cornelius and Lucille Brodus were well known as the BBQ King and Queen of Central Florida.  Their strategy of opening Thursday - Saturday kept their customer base who traveled from Jacksonville and Miami on a regular basis rushing back to get this delectable barbeque before they were sold out by 4pm on operating days.


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Catering the Best

Sit back, relax and let Donna’s cater your next event! It’s our priority that your event and our barbeque and fixins’ are perfect. We’ll prepare your order in time for flawless pick-up. Our catering menu offers the perfect barbecue meal for your corporate or family gathering of 10 or more people. Catered items include all listed menu items plus our special Collard Greens, prepared only for catered events.


Contact Donna’s today for item details and to request a quote.
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“If summer has one defining scent, it’s definitely the smell of barbeque.”

~Donna Brodus

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Secret Recipe

A History of Great Taste

This lower sodium recipe is so delicious, you will never want to be without it at home. Available in a collector 32 oz bottle or a gallon container. Bring your collector bottle back for a discount on your refill!

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